Fachada edificio Poblet


Architect Jorge Lóyzaga completed his professional training as an architect in Spain, where he worked in restoration of great palaces and learned a lot of the bases that have shaped his career.
Building restoration, architect, decorator, professor and art historian, Jorge Lóyzaga has dedicated his life to his passion for architecture for the last 45 years.

The Studio was born from the idea of creating what we call the well made architecture in México: majestic buildings with culture, history and tradition. In parallel with the Studio, Loyzaga practiced building restoration and taught at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and the Universidad Iberoamericana. The Studio´s portafolio includes over a thousand projects completed in Mexico, The United States, Europe and Asia, particularly in Philippines, the country that has captivated the architect from the fist time he studied the relationship between Asia and México.

The Studio has a library, or rather a research center where you can find hundreds of books on history, architecture, decoration and art. It is a continuous learning space where imagination and knowledge are endless.

Clasicismo Progresivo is the name of this Study where day to day new buildings that last forever are created.